Why choose Bestway


There are 137 Patents in Bestway, 25 inventions, 30 utility models, 82 international patents under the PCT.

Strategic cooperation

Based on China and think globally. Established strategic cooperation with top domestic and foreign enterprises.

Strong R&D capability

Established long-term strategic partnership with universities in china, Make full use of the advantages of academic research, improve market competitiveness.

Excellent R&D team

There are 30 employees in the R&D Team, all of them with at least more than 6 years of experience in their field.Most of craft equipment and automation equipment are independent R&D.

Ten years of development

Ten years of vigorous development, bestway is an china-based group with an integrated global network, exports to over 30 countries in Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Innovative Philosophy

With new ideas, new directions, new space, new methods to meet product innovation, marketing innovation, service innovation, adapting to change?in a rapidly?changing business environment.

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